Poland is a country of many beautiful landscapes and regions, each with a very different, unique character. Over the centuries, due to the rich and turbulent history, many different cultures have influenced our country, leading to a fascinating architectural heritage. As a result of the numerous changes in territorial boundaries, tourists can enjoy both - native Polish monuments, as well as Russian, German, Austrian and Jewish memorials. The secret Hilter's military headquaters, underground cities, fairytale-looking salt mine with underground structures and sculptures made of salt, medieval castles and fortresses, palaces with stunning gardens, modern shopping centres, varied meeting facilties - these are just a small part of what Poland can offer. Poland's climate ensures favorable conditions for different leisure activities that can be enjoyed throughout the year. Along the Baltic Sea's Amber Coast and across the Masuria - the Land of Thousand Lakes, there are ancient forests, rivers, green hills criss-crossed by picturesque paths and trails that can be enjoyed by walkers, cyclists, horse riders and water sports enthusiasts. Those hungry for adventure will get plenty of thrills, those looking for peace and a bit of calm will be able to relax in Poland's nature reserves.